Pricewatch is a price monitoring service based on pricing data directly obtained from comparison sites

With our Pricewatch service we match our client’s product feed with the pricing data we receive from comparison sites. We have direct and often exclusive contracts with these comparison sites. Our clients receive the results of the match on a daily basis in two ways:

  • A raw export in .csv or XML format, which can be used in the client’s own systems;
  • Access to an online Pricewatch console that generates insights from the data such as positions in comparison sites and charts of price trends;

Currently, we can run the match up to four times per day.

With the comparison site pricing feeds we currently have coverage in 13 countries:

The Netherlands
United Kingdom

Our global coverage is continuously expanding.

There are a several clear benefits of the Pricewatch service versus spidering (scraping) data from websites:

  • Our EAN-code matched data is of much higher quality than spidering data. Spidering data is very error prone. Small changes in websites can lead to spidering errors, EAN codes are not available on some sites leading to manual mapping, etc.;
  • Spidering is in fact often illegal. Think about Terms of Use of webshops and comparison sites, "database right" and copyright;
  • The Pricewatch console generates actionable insights from the data for you instead of just supplying a big pile of spidering data;