July 2015

Managing director Antoine Brouwer of Blokker's Nextail regards ADPS Pricewatch as one of his favourite tools.

Antoine Brouwer discusses his 5 favourite E-Commerce tools in an interview with Retailtrends magazine. He names ADPS Pricewatch as the ideal Price Monitoring tool for Nextail as it provides them competitor pricing data via a direct connection with a direct connection with the comparison sites, instead of illegal "scraping/spidering".

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adps expands
March 2014

Interview with ADPS partner Sander Roose after his presentation at the 2014 Emerce eRetail event

At the Emerce eRetail event Sander Roose talked about the impact of software on retail, with special focus on the enormous potential that dynamic pricing based on price elasticity has for retailers. In the interview after his talk Sander briefly explains the services that ADPS offers both retailers and brands (in Dutch).

adps expands
November 2013

Twinkle Magazine writes about ADPS' algorithms that calculate price elasticities

Software is becoming more and more important for retail. Algorithms determine, for example, the optimal assortment that should be displayed for a particular shopper. In addition, the algorithms of ADPS calculate price elasticities of products in order to determine optimal price points for all of a retailer's products. Read the article

adps expands
November 2012

ADPS expands coverage to 8 new countries behind a deal with Kelkoo

ADPS has closed a partnership with the international comparison site Kelkoo, which means that ADPS can now offer pricing feeds with Kelkoo for all twelve countries in which Kelkoo is active: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Brasil and United States. After the earlier deals with,, and, this is an important step in the further global expansion of the ADPS pricing services.

July 2012

Twinkle and Emerce coverage of the deal between ADPS and the Dutch comparison sites, and

The two leading Dutch e-commerce magazines write about the deal that ADPS has closed with the important Dutch comparison sites, and Emerce article, Twinkle article